Letter of invitation;
A copy of the first page of the inviting party’s passport;
Documents confirming employment and salary level (your spouse from England);
Documents confirming the solvency of the groom/fiancée (your spouse from England);
Photocopy of rental agreement or title of the property where you plan to live together, and receipts of utility bills;
Confirmation of arranged marriage ceremony (Notice of marriage);
Documents confirming your communication with your future spouse (photographs, correspondence, etc.);
Certificate of English Language skills (A1 level). You will need to take one of the following examinations, which can guarantee the visa officer your excellent language skills IELTS, ILEC, UCLES, BEC, ICFE, FCE, TOEFL;
Results of tuberculosis test;
Proof of criminal record;
Insurance policy, €30,000 coverage;
Booking or ticket for a return flight;
Ukrainian passport + copies of all pages;
Ukrainian passport + copies of all pages;
2 photos (3,5*4,5 cm/ white background/ 80% face);
Supplement to the application form;
Proof of payment of visa fee;
Proof of appointment;
Proof of employment;
Proof of account for the last 6 months;
Copy of birth certificate + apostille;
Copy of marriage/divorce registration certificate or proof of absence of registration of marriage before;
Copy of children birth certificates (up to 18 years);
Copies of property/car documents.

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