There are several categories of visas for registering a marriage with a British person or other person with a right to reside in the UK, or for marrying without an intention to remain in the country.

Family visas – wife, husband visa

This can be obtained either in the UK or in another country. This visa also applies to same-sex partners.

UK Spouse visa Requirements

Spouses must be of legal age and be married or in a same-sex relationship approved in the UK. One partner is required to be and permanently resident in the country (with permanent residency status or be British). Other requirements:

Prove a relationship for at least 2 years at the time of submission by providing evidence in the form of utility bills or showing that they pay them jointly.
Demonstrate an intention to live together permanently in the UK after the visa is granted.
Availability of the required level of income for the sponsoring spouse/partner.
A good level of English language skills in the partner receiving entry clearance.
If none of these conditions are met, a visa can be applied for in some exceptional cases.

Exceptional cases

Your child is a British citizen or has lived in the country for 7 years and it makes no sense for them to leave the country.
There may be insurmountable difficulties in moving to another country.
Being banned from entering or forced to leave the country would be recognised as a violation of your human rights.
This visa entitles you to work and study in the UK without restriction.

The visa is granted for 2.5 years if applied for in the UK and 2 years 9 months if applied for from abroad. It is renewable.

UK fiancee visa

A visa is granted for up to six months with the possibility of coming to the UK to get married or to get engaged. The partners do not plan to stay and reside in the country afterwards. They are also unable to work, study, set up a business or receive government benefits.

Bride and groom’s visa
Partners, including same-sex partners, must be of legal age and know each other personally. One is required to live permanently in the UK (with a Permanent Residence Card or be British) and earn a certain amount of income. The partners must not be married to anyone else at the time of marriage and must prove that all previous marriages are annulled.

The visa is granted for 6 months and only in your country of residence. And during this time, the partners must get married and apply for a spousal visa.

You cannot work in the country on this visa.

UK Unmarried partners’ visa

This visa can be obtained if you have been legally resident in the UK for at least 2 years as an unmarried partner, including a same-sex relationship, with a person who has a permanent residence permit or a British passport. If you have lived outside the UK, however, you must have been the partner of a British person for at least 4 years.

Permanent residence permit (ILR)
ILR is granted after 5 years of residence in the UK without any major interruptions as a spouse/partner (the period spent as a fiancé/fiancé does not count).

It is mandatory to pass the Life in the UK test and the English language test in order to obtain a permanent residence permit.

Spouses/partners have to prove that they have plans to continue living together as well as meet the financial conditions and accommodation requirements.

British Citizenship

One year after obtaining the Permanent Residence Permit and 6 years after the first entry on a spousal visa you can apply for a British passport if all conditions are met:

Absence from the country for no more than 450 days in the 5 years preceding the date of application for naturalisation and no more than 90 days in the last year.
No criminal or administrative offences.
English language level of at least B1.
Life in the UK test.

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