UK fiancee visa required documents in 2021-2022

Please note: every document must be translated into English.

1 Filled in questionnaire
2 Valid passport
3 Old passports over 10 years
4 Reference from work on company letterhead (from 35000 rubles per month)
5 Reference from a bank on account balance
6 Invitation, letter of intent
7 Letter from the place where marriage is to be registered with date and time of ceremony
8 Copy of inviting person’s passport
9 Bank statements from inviting person
10 Reference from your employer in the UK
11 Copies of property certificates of the inviter
12 Copy of invitor’s marriage, divorce, birth certificate
13 Copy of invitation applicant’s marriage, divorce, birth certificate
14 Copy child’s birth certificate
15 Copy of real estate certificates (flat, house, land)
16 Photocopy of vehicle registration certificate
17 any evidence of your relationship with your husband (correspondence, phone calls, texts, photos, trips together, etc.)
18 TB test (from an accredited clinic) original + copy
19 IELTS test (from accredited educational institution) original + copy

  • List of additional documents that will increase the chances of being accepted

  • 1 Certificate on 2-NDFL form
    2 Additional bank accounts
  • UK fiancee Visa application process

  • You provide the necessary documents by any convenient way, including emailing
  • We check, process and translate them (if required) and prepare them for submission to the UK visa application centre
  • We fill in the visa application form in English (more than 100 questions)
  • Make an appointment to lodge documents and submit biometric data at your convenience
  • At the appointed time, accompanied by our representative, you visit the Visa Application Centre and submit the documents and biometric data.
  • Once a decision is made we will notify you and issue you with a passport and visa

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