If you plan to get married in the UK and stay with your spouse, you will need to apply for a Bridal Visa. This visa allows you to live in the UK for up to 6 months. You will need to use this time to get married. After the marriage, it is possible to obtain a visa for a wife without leaving the UK.

Bride requirements for UK visa

To apply for a fiancée visa to the UK you must have known your chosen one personally for at least one year. Neither phone conversations, nor Skype, nor email will replace live communication – so says the British embassy. If you have met your potential spouse only 1-2 times in real life and already intend to open a bridal visa to travel to the UK to get married, your relationship will be considered fictitious and the visa will not be opened. How difficult would it be in your situation to get a fiancée visa?

Another requirement for a bride is to be proficient in English. This, of course, needs to be documented by passing a language test. Luckily, you need to know English at a domestic level, which will come in handy for living in the UK one way or another. It’s enough to pass the IELTS life skills with a level A1.

Fiancé visa requirements 2021

Future spouse also has to meet certain criteria. So the level of income of the groom should be from 18,600 GBP per year before taxes. This amount varies depending on how many minor children from previous marriages are travelling with you. If your future spouse’s income does not reach the required amount, there is a way to show funds in a bank account. The amount to be shown is calculated according to a certain formula.

Your fiancé will also have to provide documentation of renting or owning accommodation suitable for your family. In this case, the visa officer, who makes a decision on issuing a visa, will assess its quality, the number of bedrooms in it: if your fiance rents a room in a flat, the visa may not be given, referring to the impossibility of normal residence in the country.

In many cases it is much easier to get married outside the UK and get a visa for the wife than to apply for a bridal visa. It is also cheaper to apply for a wife visa in the end.
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